Oh. You're here.

I'll be posting my addictions here. HAHA.


Some of you may have already heard of him. He's one of the best hollywood gossip bloggers ever. I like the super gayness, I-don't-care-what-you-think-so-bring-it-on kind of attitude he has. I love him for doing this out of sheer fun and excitement unlike Perez HIlton, who according to my friend Olivia, is a fame whore. For more episodes, go to this link. He also has a post-show youtube. If you're totally stressed, visit those links. :)


Here's the final theatrical trailer of the movie I've been waiting for since I've finished reading the first book more than two months ago. Although Robert Pattinson may not be the best looking guy, I think that he will give justice to the role as he's such a brilliant actor.  Anyway, it's such a great read and I haven't read a series in ages. So there. They've already released several companions but I'm excited mostly about Midnight Sun! Yey to Stephenie for saying YES!