Define Carmel.

Carmel [kär-mel] (n) 1. a bibliophile, weirdo, nerd, and fangirl trapped in what seems to be a normal biosphere; 2. often sanguine; 3. will go loco for Rafa Nadal, Joe Jonas and David Cook; 4. willing to get bitten by a vampire named Edward Cullen.

I asked this question to my friends and on Multiply and here are some answers. Some of these answers were also taken from my Friendster testimonials, random conversations and GNW Write-up. I will post everything, no matter how weird the answers are.

Toni Nacu: Carmel a religious order (majority of them lives in a cloister), the image of our Lady (wearing the Carmelite habit) carrying the Child Jesus, Brown Scapular, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Teresa de los Andes, St. John of the Cross, St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Edith Stein; Carmel (as in Jeanne Carmel Puertollano) - social science geek, SC slave, slave driver, slave driven, ESPN fanatic, she'll always remember me when we talk about Spanish, my bestfriend. Caramel - derivative of Carmel (as in Jeanne Carmel Puertollano), love team ni Butterscotch, Carmel's name on my YM list.

Clar Gomez: You're the best type of consumer, Ate Carmel! Haha!

Kat Gomez: Carmel: an easy way to misspell "caramel"; my super fun friend who I wish was actually my ate.

Jenn Ngo: Carmel (n) - missed slave of Jenn

Estoy Marinduque: Carmel reminds me of caramel. (ewan, nagra-rhyme para sa akin.. XD)

Oche Pua: Carmel reminds me of sleep.

Olivia Banela: Carmel - JB lover....(hanggang dito lang ipopost ko. HAHA!)

Annie Ong: Carmel is Inday! Carmel is my SC Buddy! Carmel is my BFF!

Darwin Martinez: Carmel is a hybrid pokémon!

Niko Batallones: Carmel [keyr-mel] (n) left-wing lasallian fangirl with unusual global orientation and social function.

Jhaphet Flordeliza: Buksan mo na!

Chris Ngo: She's sincere, hardworking, down-to-earth, and kind. Very kind. If you're corny, she's the best person to share your jokes with.

Alex Tiu: Good girl naman basically pero medyo kinakabahan pagdating sa studies. Sana nga pwede kong tulungan kaso di naman ako liberal arts major. KUNG SAAN-SAAN KASI NAGKAKALAT EHHH!

Abby Young: I just remember those crazy days we had nung rehearsals and even our deadly MACBETH days. Naalala ko madalas ka sumisigaw top of your voice..yung tipong mapapatid na ugat mo sa leeg para sabihin, 'ACT 2, Lady Macbeth, Ready!'

Jason Fonbuena: Carmel - multiply inbox spammer; the next IS prof. :D

Ms. Querol Bilazon: Carmel? One of my good & diligent students back in STCQC.. I admire her good disposition. Never heard her say bad things about her classmates. She's very nice and very helpful.

Neobie Gonzalez: The Being-whose-name-is-mistaken-for-a-Carebear's (Caremel) always has the fortune of having free lunch, wears the symbol of her affection for JB with pride, is the source of beheaded statue of liberty choclit wrappers, and whatever preconceived pink and shiny notions people have about her fully apply.